Story of Us

The Story of Us

Tired of the “rat race” Herb & Kathy Davidson, and their daughter & son in law, Heather & Pedro Pinto (along with their infant son, Ryan) bought their “cabin in the woods”.  To be fair, it’s a larger cabin than usual, but you get the point. The campground was very run down and not particularly busy. Seeing a diamond in the rough, we set to work.  We believed that, despite the crumbling infrastructure, we could create an atmosphere that people would enjoy. We followed one constant guideline, treat our customers with care and respect. We appreciate that they choose us and we do our very best to make the experience worthwhile. Evidently, there was a place in the market for this attitude because we grew! With just us and one employee, doing every job on the campground, we continued to grow, often, faster than we could keep up with. Today, twenty-two years, Herb & Kathy are partially retired. We have two more children/grandchildren (Alex & Sydney), an additional manager (Tammy) and a staff of about 15. We are roughly four times larger, and much busier, than when we started. We view this as a testament to great customer service!  Today, we continue to follow that primary guideline. We strive every day to deliver a fun, affordable, safe, comfortable & respectful environment for our staff and customers

Where the Mountains meet the Lakes, is this very special place…